International Plain Language Day

We declared the first International Plain Language Day, October 13, 2011 to raise awareness of the advances we’ve made in the last 20 years.

“It is important for us to celebrate the achievements made to date around the globe. Like any initiative requiring change, it needs to be given strong, continuous support. It would be easy to become discouraged. Recognizing IPLD each year will give us an important shared focal point,” Cheryl Stephens,

“Plain Language” is the design of clear information focused on the reader, to fit the reader’s information needs and reading abilities.

Taking it to the next level
The U.S. federal government has recognized the savings from effective writing with passage of the Plain Writing Act of 2010 which mandates government writers use plain language as of October 13 this year.

The health, legal, government, banking, social, education and business sectors around the world are all making progress in recognizing the need. We expect a big leap forward now as more attention is given to plain language, in government and health sectors.

Raising the demand
The demand for plain language has to come from the public. Delivering information in plain language is hard work. It demands commitment and training and especially funding.

International in scope
Plain language is now recognized world-wide; the next step is to have it integrated into all communication training and delivery.

“The movement for plain language is really growing. For example, LinkedIn’s Plain Language Advocates Group, hosted by Cheryl Stephens, Plain Language Wizardry publisher and legal plain language consultant, is nearing 800 international members. There are 2 international associations dating from the 90s.

The time is now
There is no longer any debate whether plain language is better than confusing, jumbled writing. Everyone agrees difficult text is both a time-waste and bottom-line cost to organizations.

Plain Language Social Media

LinkedIn – Plain Language Advocates Group

Facebook Page –

Twitter: #iplday

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